Friday, June 9, 2017


We are buzzing off to Iceland for a week. I will miss this upcoming Monday post (again) but should be home in time for the next Monday. We are taking our two children (29 and 27) and a friend. We are celebrating Lucas' and Phoebe's graduations from high school, university and both earned their Master's Degree in the past few years. Miss Ryan, the friend, can celebrate whatever she wants to. Steve and I are celebrating our 30th anniversary of legal marriage and our 38 years of being together.  We might have done this already when we went to London England, but since I have a poor memory, let's pretend not.

Steve is also celebrating the end of an amazing exhibition at the Confederation Centre in Charlottetown, PEI and the nearly published accompanying book. We will pretend it is off the press. I will be celebrating my unpublished but award winning book.

Before we leave, I will be reading from my unpublished book at the Award winning ceremony at the Central Library and glowing from the praise and the lovely cheque. Several hours later, I can spend it in Iceland. Oh very happy day.

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