Monday, June 26, 2017

Crazy Iceland

Some more photos of Iceland and then, next week, a return to studio work.

Phoebe fools around whenever the camera comes out. It is hard to get a focused shot of her.

Lucas and Miss Ryan tend to appear sedate, but lurking behind the beard and sun glasses are two wonderfully silly people.

This poor image (without and with flash) is of a rather large hand stitched farm. Typical of Icelandic farms are the turf houses that are linked together with narrow passages. Sheds, barns, bake ovens and sheep stalls are all linked.

We went to an open air museum (I love them) and these three buildings are a later example of the linked homes. The building farthest in the view is a shed, then workroom, then kitchen, then forge. Here, the roofs are not turf.

A typical link between buildings.

A more typical turf house construction.

Then we fooled around on a go-cart.

We visited Gudrun Bjarnadottir, (here) or (here) who dyes yarn using plant material that was available during Viking times. Except for Cochineal, which modern day Icelandic women want, everything has a Viking influence. The yarn is a single ply, more tightly spun than lopi and a fingering weight. Her samples of a sweater, or lace shawl or child's cardigan were very clever. I purchased some amazing colours from Lupines and Rhubarb. It seems I haven't taken any photos. Next post I will show you.

We had an amazing time riding Icelandic ponies and then a soak in a thermal spring. Oh man, are those thermal springs amazing. Large, warm, relaxing. Otherwordly. Despite about 30 people in the pool, the temperature and the setting were sublime. I had a pool noodle and floated and left this planet. Wonderful.I didn't have a camera for either the ponies or the pool, but others did. Looks like the Icelandic posts will continue afterall.

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